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05 October 2019
23 June 2020

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1st place globally - International Taxation (ADIT) and awards of ADIT with Distinction in 2017 and 2018 

We are happy to congratulate our ADIT students Konstantinos Krimpas, for winning the 1st place globally (the Heather Self Medal) for the best performance in Module 1 - Principles of International Taxation, Michael Mygiakis, who was awarded the ADIT with distinction during the academic year of 2017 and Natalia Skoulidou, who was awarded the ADIT with distinction during the academic year of 2018. 

ADIT program 

Registration in multiple ADIT modules allows a student to secure preferential pricing and to attend the courses any time over a two year period.

For the 8th year running, Altium Training offers courses for the unique and internationally recognized Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) - awarded by the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Altium Training provides interested candidates with a complete academic course which covers all requirements for the attainment of the Diploma.

The Diploma of expertise in International Taxation (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation - ADIT) is an internationally recognized and distinguished diploma of professional development, designed and administered by the British Chartered Institute of Taxation. The attainment of the Diploma exemplifies the professional’s proficient level of knowledge on topics in International and European Tax Law as successful candidates should demonstrate knowledge of the following areas:


  • Principles of International Taxation (Module 1)

Choose any two options

  • EU Direct Tax option (Module 3.01)
  • EU VAT option (Module 3.02)
  • Transfer Pricing option (Module 3.03)
  • Cyprus option (Module 2.03)
  • Extended Essay option


On the way to full ADIT Qualification students can benefit from a partial ADIT achievement by receiving the following certificates:

  • Standalone certificates: Certificate in Principles of International Taxation, Certificate in Transfer Pricing
  • Modular certificates: Principles of International Taxation and one of the other modules offered by Altium Training.


Professional benefits include

  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Use of the distinguished ADIT qualification
  • Recognition from the British Chartered Institute of Taxation and, in turn, recognition from the market
  • Belong to the preeminent global taxation professional network


Target audience

  • Lawyers and legal tax advisors who have expertise or wish to acquire expertise in International and European Tax Law
  • Accountants and tax advisors
  • Financial Advisors and general business consultants
  • Company executives (with a financial or legal background)
  • Executives in the Ministry of Finance occupied in the field of tax
  • University students with knowledge of tax related issues



  • Dr. Christiana HJI Panayi, Professor and Chair in Tax Law at Queen Mary University of London. Teaches on the EU Tax Law, International Tax Law and Transfer Pricing courses of the LLM Programme. Appointed as expert member of the European Commission’s Joint Transfer Pricing Forum (JTPF) and the Platform for Tax Good Governance. Member of the ADIT Examination SubCommittee. Visiting Professor at New York University and Sorbonne. Teaching the ADIT programme with Altium Training since 2011.
  • Dr. Katerina Perrou, ADIT, Doctor of Tax Law of the University of London. Completed her PhD under the supervision of Philip Baker, former Chairman and current Member of the Academic Board of ADIT at CIOT. Visiting Lecturer at the University of Athens Law School and Attorney-at-Law. Research Fellow at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD). IBFD is the world’s foremost authority on cross-border taxation with best in class ADIT material. Teaching the ADIT programme with Altium Training since 2011.
  • Lydia-Elisavet Sofrona, director of Legal Services of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue. Comparative Tax Policy and Administration at Harvard University. 

Guest lecturers

  • Dr. Katerina Savvaidou: ADIT, Master’s Degree in Public Law (D.E.A. de Droit Public Intern), Master’s Degree in Public Finance and Tax Law (D.E.A. de Finances Publiques et Fiscalite) and PhD from the University of Paris, Assas. Currently lecturer at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, she served as Secretary General of Public Revenue (Greek Tax and Customs Administration). Lawyer of the Supreme Court specializing in the field of tax law. She also specializes in ADR and works as an accredited mediator at the Greek Ministry of Justice.
  • Kostas Kounadis: ADIT, Diploma on Taxation from Athens University of Business and Economy, Master 2 (DEA) in Public Law from Aix-Marseille University and a Bachelor in Law from University of Athens. Attorney-at-Law and currently Tax Manager at Grant Thornton.
  • Leonidas Korres: ΑDIT, Certified Accountant and Tax Advisor, member of the Hellenic Chamber of Finance, member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Greece, member of the Hellenic Management Association and member of the Board of Directors of the Athens University of Economics and Business. Dr.
  • Andreas Tsourouflis: Attorney-at-Law specializing in tax and Lecturer of Tax Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Athens
  • Dimitrios Kyriazis: Tutor and researcher in law at the University of Oxford and teaching fellow at UCL. Senior Lecturer of New College of the Humanities and acting head of the Law Faculty (from September 2017). He graduated first both from Athens University Law School and University of Oxford (Clifford Chance Prize).
  • Alex Karopoulos: Leading VAT expert. Tax Partner at Zepos & Yannopoulos.
  • Christos Kourouniotis: Ernst & Young, Associate Partner | International Tax - Transfer Pricing


Seminars may be subsidised by LAEK OAED 0,24 subsidy.